“After a great coaching session with Trevor, I have so much more clarity! It’s great to have someone else ask you powerful and insightful questions to help you get your brain unstuck when it goes into a bit of overwhelm…”
~ N Hulls, Adelaide

“Trevor has supported me through a really changing time. I used to put too much emphasis on areas of my life where I was failing. Trevor has helped me to see that there are many other facets of life where I have experienced and continue to experience success. In this way Trevor has helped with my self esteem and enhanced the positive attributes to my life by shifting my focus from the negative.”
~ C McSporran, Croydon, Victoria, Australia

“Thank you Trevor! You were really great how you stayed with me; it’s something I need and it feels really big, from your one big comment about [omitted for privacy]. That, to me, is calling it as it is, and that’s really good coaching…”
~ A. Norton, Adelaide

“Before speaking with Trevor I felt very confused about some issues I am facing. He is able to locate a time in my life where I didn’t feel this way and help me uncover the decisions I went through that may have assisted me to feel these negative beliefs. This has been a powerful process of not only remembering the times when I felt free of certain negative ideas but also in assisting to shift my current perspectives. I can now say that I feel more liberated around my own beliefs and that I am changing each day to confront the things that hold me back. Slow and steady wins the race.”
~ W. Huston, Perth

“Trevor demonstrated a keen interest towards improving my situation….This resulted in my looking forward to each session. Altogether it has been an amazingly positive experience!”
~ J. Kendall, Nerang

“I was surprised to find that life coaching with Trevor certainly does not stay at a superficial level. The courage Trevor shows to dive deep into the issues one is facing is remarkable. Trevor is present and with you every step of the way. He gives a space that allows freedom to explore why you may be struggling with certain things in your life.”
~ B. Sibley, Gold Coast

“Trevor really cares about you and you can hear in his voice that he is genuine and authentic.. He has a great energy and sense of purpose in his role and genuinely gives everything he has to help you improve your life. He has faith and optimism and give you tools to help you overcome difficulties. He has genuine understanding about what you are going through with out judgment. He is generous with his time and effort and you feel that he wants you to succeed and overcome your barriers to success.”
~ J Phillips, Christchurch, NZ
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