Blame it on Testosterone?


Happy Easter to you all, and may you all have a safe long weekend.

The other day I was thinking about the way we always say, “Drive carefully”, and “Be safe”, etc. It’s almost like there’s a lack of trust in one’s driving. But, of course, the truth is that we are simply showing that we care. But what about the other drivers on the road? We can’t speak for them, and there are some drivers, yes, you must have seen them, they seem like they are possessed with some sort of death wish; completely in denial that they are ‘expert’ drivers…”See how skillfully I can zigzag between the traffic and the lanes into the tiniest of gaps!”

I see it all the time on my way to and from work. And you know, until very recently, I used to feel annoyed. I could feel the angst building up in me, watching the craziness of it all. But what is more, I used to react by trying to show them that their crazy driving was getting them nowhere. I showed them by making sure I arrived at the next set of traffic lights – alongside them (amongst other devious tactics which I’m too ashamed to mention!)

But I said, ‘until recently’, and I’ll tell you why…

I don’t know if it were anything to do with the testosterone injections, but I realised that my reaction to the antics of the aforementioned were just spoiling my own driving, spoiling that part of the day for me. Why should I be allowing that?

I realised that I used to be very critical of other drivers’ sloppiness and driving errors, as if my own driving was anything to boast about!

So, what has changed?

Firstly, my awareness.  My awareness that we, as drivers, all make mistakes.  Awareness that getting annoyed at other’s driving errors only resulted in spoiling it for me.  Awareness that my negative reaction was compromising the safety of my own driving.

I now enjoy my driving so much more, making allowances for others’ errors, which results in a huge improvement in my own driving.

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