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What To Do About Criticism

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So often in my work with couples I see the destructive effect criticism can have on a relationship.   Criticism is a behaviour that can be toxic to a relationship.  It erodes away positive feelings over time and leads to other problematic behaviours that can destroy a relationship.

If you read on you will learn 17 ways on how to deal with
criticism to help build a healthy relationship.

The main problem with criticism is that it can pave the way for the negative attitude called contempt.

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Prevent an argument from escalating…

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One way to prevent an argument from escalating…

When I was younger I had a huge ego and differences of opinion with loved ones (funny it’s always with the ones we love, and not our mates?) used to make me defensive, and an argument would ensue, sometimes escalating into ugliness.

Well, I now know better, but it took me a long time.

During a coaching session one day this man, we’ll call him Steve, was telling me about a very similar issue that he was having with his partner.  He told me that he could always tell when he was getting irate when he felt his face would get hot and he felt his chest getting tense.

Long story short, I asked him how he felt after an argument had escalated.  He said he felt like s**t. Read More→

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